iOS devices

iPad-mini-4-image-006Ipad/Iphone devices have the optimum level of security mechanism implemented on them. If someone tries to play with the security layer of those devices then they may have to go through loss. Since your iphone/ipad may contain sensible and important data which may be related to your business, your bank accounts such as password vault and so on. Its crucial that you may need to keep your device secure and facilitate your device with regular back-ups.

One approach to keep your data safe is not to forget your device password. If you forget your password and try randomly with hope that you can get into your device, then chances there are you leaving your device disabled or even you may have to go through the recovery process.

Connect to iTunes

iphone under recovery modeIf you remain unable to discover your lost password and your apple devices are disabled then you are prompted to connect your device to iTunes stored on the computer with which you used to synchronize your devices. To recover your disabled ipad/iphone, you may need the latest version of iTunes installed on computer.

Getting through Recovery process

If your devices enters into disabled mode for 1 hour then you are prompted to connect it to the iTunes on your computer. for this process your iTunes have to have latest version as well as latest version of iOS downloaded on your computer. If you are lucky you can rewrite your device with the latest OS and restore your device with the latest back up saved on your pc. The nightmare is it doesnt work , you may get some kinds of unknown error .

At such case you may have to contact your nearest apple service center to resolve your issue.Some times they are able to format your device and bring it back to its initial state or sometimes your device may also have gone through some kinds of internal physical damages which may required you to buy another devices.

Precautions and safety approaches

To prevent the situation of your data loss, some things you can bear in your mind is that

  • You try to set the password which wil be easier for you to remember and hard to guess for anyone else.
  • Make a habit of creating backups on regular basis by connecting your device to your iTunes

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